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Frozen meat supplier in Singapore

The Best Ducks from our 
Farms to your Kitchen


Cage-Free Ducks Delivered Fresh

Singapore's Trusted Duck Farmer and Fresh Duck Supplier

YSH Farm, also known as Yong Seng Heng, is one of the pioneers in the duck farming industry. Established in the 1970s, we are a trusted brand among our partners, delivering the freshest ducks islandwide. We go beyond duck farming - we specialise in the process, supply, and distribution of ducks. Our ducks are processed fresh daily and delivered islandwide everyday of the week. 

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Controlled Cold Chain

From processing to delivery, our supply chain is carefully temperature-controlled to ensure maximum freshness. We are ISO certified.

7-days a Week Delivery

We deliver all 7-days a week to cater to your business needs and ensure your customers receive the freshest products.

Duck Experts

With 50 years of experience, we are experts in the field. We carry the Pekin and Muscovy Duck Breeds, and more from all over the world.


As a processing facility, we are able to customise to your needs. Deboned? Portioned? Packed? Marinated? We've got you covered. 

Why YSH Farm is Your Premier Duck Supplier in Singapore

Explore Our Frozen Meat Products

At YSH Farm, we're your reliable wholesale meat supplier, specialising in fresh poultry and top-quality frozen meats across Singapore. Our ISO-certified supply chain maintains precise temperature control, ensuring consistent freshness and premium quality in every meat product, every day of the week.

Featured Product:
Duck Confit

Gourmet dish showcasing wholesale meat Singapore
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Difficult to find chefs? 

Run of the mill canned Duck Confit? 

Short on time? 

Impossible to find standardised duck legs locally?

Duck confit is a laborious process that is difficult to find the right expertise for.


Chef's selection Duck confit is a ready to cook meal that:

  • Save labour costs 

  • Time on preparation

Sous-vide and pan sear to have it ready in under 10mins.

S.O.P and standardised duck leg size to have all dishes served be exactly the same. Classic and Customized flavours to suit your F&B needs. 


Duck is our expertise. 

Smoked Duck Breast also available. 

Not for retail sales.

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