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Duck is our

Raw Products

Fresh Duck

Fresh Chicken

Frozen Pork & Parts

Duck Breast Supplier

Fresh Whole Duck 鸭​

Duck Head ​鸭头

Duck Neck ​鸭脖

Duck Tongue ​鸭舌

Duck Breast (w & w/o Bone) ​

Duck Thigh ​鸭腿

Duck Wings ​鸭翅

Duck Heart ​鸭心

Duck Liver/Gizzard ​鸭肝

Duck Bone ​鸭骨

Duck Feet 鸭脚

Duck Fat 鸭油

Chicken Supplier Singapore

Fresh Whole Chicken 鸡

Chicken Leg (w & w/o bone) 鸡腿

Chicken Mid Joint Wings 鸡翅

Chicken Wings 

Chicken Breast 鸡胸

Chicken Liver/Gizzard 鸡肝

Chicken feet 鸡脚

Chicken Fat 鸡油

Chicken Bone 鸡骨

Frozen Pork Supplier Singapore

Pork Belly 

Pork Collar 

Pork Loin 

Pork Cube 

Pork Hock Cube 

Pork Sliced 

Pork Minced 

Pork Liver Minced 

Pork Rectums 

Pork Chitterlings

Chicken Middle Joint Wings 

Chicken Wings

Chicken Drumstick 

Chicken Boneless Leg Cube 

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