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Duck Meat

Our cage-free ducks are given ample sunlight, fresh air and clean water, ensuring that they are of the finest quality. Duck meat is our specialty meat that is rich in flavour and tender in texture. Our customers love the freshness of our duck meats and parts, both humans and pets alike. Our ducks are suitable for all cooking methods, be it roasted, braised, baked or boiled. We carry an extensive range of duck parts for your kitchen needs whether used in Tapas or Hotpot. 

  • Are your ducks slaughtered fresh daily?
    Yes, our ducks are slaughtered and delivered fresh daily.
  • What types of ducks breeds do you have?
    Our main duck breed is the Pekin Duck, commonly used in the local dishes such as the Roasted Duck dishes and Braised Duck dishes. We also carry the Muscovy Duck Breed and we are the only duck farmers in Singapore who rear the Muscovy Duck breed.
  • Where do your ducks originate from?
    Our ducks are reared in Malaysia, cage-free.
  • Do your ducks have antibiotics or hormones?
    Our ducks are cage-free, antibiotics residual free and no growth hormones.
  • Are you able to produce fresh raw ducks or duck parts according to our specifications?
    Yes, we are! We not only have fresh whole ducks, we also have a wide range of duck parts. Whether you require a specific duck part, or a duck part that is partially de-boned or fully de-boned, skinless or skin-on, we can cater to your needs. We also have ready-to-eat products such as the Duck Confit. Please get in touch with our sales team at to find out more on how we can cater to your business or kitchen needs.

FAQs about Duck Meat

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