"Do you have Duck Eggs for sale?"

Answering the number one question from strangers, acquaintances, friends, family and the random emails in our Inbox.

Unfortunately, the answer is No, and you can't find them in Singapore.

Why do you not have Duck Eggs for Sale?

As with Chicken, Meat Farmers and Egg Farmers operate separately. While the Bird remains the same, Meat Farms will not produce eggs and vice versa. Each are its own specialised operation and have an entirely different set of requirements, systems and market. The loosely termed "Duck Supplier" in Singapore means Duck Meat Supplier and a Duck Meat Supplier will not have Eggs for sale.

Are Duck Eggs banned in Singapore?

Duck Eggs are not banned in Singapore. They are simply not available. Currently, there is no Farm in Singapore producing Duck Eggs and there are no SFA-approved Duck Egg Farms (Last we checked) that export here. Truly, we mourn the missing delicacy and the lost art of the Char Kway Teow.