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Fresh Duck vs. Frozen Duck

What is the difference between Fresh Duck and Frozen Duck?

A Fresh Duck Supplier brings the Duck live into Singapore and slaughters it here.

Thus, these are from Malaysia.

A Frozen Duck is slaughtered in their Country of Origin, and brought into Singapore.

Recently, the Irish Duck suppliers have been popular in Singapore while Perak Duck Suppliers dominate the Frozen Duck Market locally.

What is a good choice for my business? or a consumer?

There really is not a 'better' choice. It all depends on the objective of the chef, the business or the consumer.

There are many variables a retailer/consumer may consider:

  • Cost

  • Time

  • Storage

  • Fat / Texture

  • Handling

  • Cooking Method

  • and So On...

While Fresh is often the Best in terms of texture of meat, experts who are able to handle Frozen Duck skilfully can end up with comparable results. Vice Versa, Duck is not as complicated a meat as Beef. The only real variable could be the Size that is related to Fat content.

While some chefs might prefer Ducks from Australia/Ireland/France due to the larger size and higher fat content, Local Duck can be equally appealing. There are many different sizes when it comes to Local Duck and you can ask your Poultry Supplier for the largest size available. This is a Good Method for European restaurants looking to cut costs since a Bird frozen from France costs close to $100 locally.

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