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Layers in a Poultry Supply Chain

Where are you getting your Duck from in Singapore?

For Fresh Duck Meat in Singapore, Live Ducks are exported from SFA-approved Farms in Malaysia each day. These Live Ducks are sent to Slaughterhouses where they are de-feathered and prepared for distribution. Distributors and Wholesalers obtain their Fresh Ducks from these Farms/Slaughterhouses (depending on who has Ownership of Ducks) to process. Thus, your Duck Supplier in Singapore may be either a Farm / Slaughterhouse / Distributor and Wholesaler.

Who should be your Duck Supplier in Singapore?

Retailers (Restaurants, Hotels, Caterers, Cafes, Supermarkets, Markets and Hawkers) may choose to obtain their Ducks directly from Farms/Slaughterhouses in order to skip a supply chain level. However, Distributors and Wholesalers usually act as a form of Quality Control since they will typically assist to ensure that these Ducks are of a good standard. Alternatively, they will help to process the Duck into the exact specification you need. While we often emphasise the Farm to Table movement, these Distributors and Wholesalers also play an important part in our supply chain.

While a company may operate both the SFA-approved Duck Farm in Malaysia and the Duck slaughterhouse in Singapore, a Slaughterhouse may not own a Farm at all. Instead, they obtain Live Ducks from SFA-approved Duck Farms in Malaysia for a fee. For a Duck slaughterhouse, Duck feathers are also a source of income. Alternatively, Farms that do not have a slaughterhouse in Singapore will outsource this process. Here, we can see how the ownership of the Ducks differ. For consumers and retailers with different concerns, they may opt to obtain from a slaughterhouse, farm or both.

A Duck Farmer will be able to share with you the Farming Process. There are many Blood, Sweat and Tears that goes behind a Healthy, Safe and Quality Duck. If you are able to speak with a Farm Management that understands the process that goes behind rearing a Duck, the Duck would usually be good enough to be a Farm to Table product. If not, you may be purchasing just another commercial product.

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