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Where to buy Fresh Duck in Singapore

It is quite difficult to get Fresh Ducks in the Supermarkets these days. Mass Market Retail Markets have long feedbacked that the Demand for Duck has been falling for years so they tend not to stock too much of it. We have also seen the infiltration of Frozen Ducks in our supermarkets recently.

Truth be told, Fresh Duck is best bought at the Wet Markets for the everyday Singaporean. The Uncles and Aunties at the Wet Markets wake up at 2AM. Yes, 2AM!, to start preparing their stalls for the day. They receive their Duck fresh from their poultry supplier at midnight when we do our delivery, and it is sold that very Morning.

It is a short and sweet process that bypass the many layers typically seen at the supermarket. This allows the Duck to be in its Freshest as possible state by the time it reaches the consumer. Furthermore, these Aunties and Uncles take pride in their produce and will typically filter out the products that are not up to their Eagle Eyed standards.

(These Aunties, Uncles and their children have been with us for the past 60 years. Some were our customers for Live Poultry in the 1960s before the AVA banned Live Poultry Sale in Markets. We still love talking to them today and they will always be our VIP customers.)

If you can't Hit Up the Wet Markets for Fresh Duck, Purchase from us directly at ! We also have Fresh Duck Wings and Fresh Duck Tongues available.

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