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Fresh Duck Feet 鸭掌/鸭脚 500g

Fresh Duck Feet 鸭掌/鸭脚 500g


Fresh Duck Feet 鸭掌/鸭脚 500g/pk


Origin: Malaysia 

Size: approx 500g

1) Reasons to indulge in duck feet

Duck Feet is full of Collagen - great for joint health, skin elasticity, and overall well-being.


2) Best ways to prepare duck feet

Our Fresh Duck Feet can be prepared by mainly the Braised Method. Duck Feet is also recommended to be simmered into a Duck Feet Collagen Broth. 


3) Great for your furkids too!

Human-grade Fresh Duck Feet for Pets

Duck feet can be beneficial for pets due to their nutrient content, particularly collagen and glucosamine. Good for dental and gum health for pets. Suitable raw, dehydrated or simmered into broth. 

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