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Duck Legs in Singapore

Managing Expectations for Duck Legs: Popular but Tricky.

We receive many calls for Fresh Duck Legs everyday, but it is not something a Duck supplier in Singapore can take up easily. Professional Chefs usually request for a Duck Thigh that is at least 300G for Duck Confit and this has to be standardised.

Why is it difficult to get Quality Duck Legs in Singapore?

Local Ducks usually have a Duck Thigh weight of 240G - 270G. To be able to achieve a min. 300G for Duck Legs, the Duck has to be Extra Large. This is rare and a Poultry supplier usually reserves available Ducks to those who can purchase the Ducks whole.

If your Duck supplier is able to supply Fresh Duck Thighs or Frozen Duck Legs, it is also important to cook them first before ordering. Duck Legs from certain brands will decrease in size quite substantially compared to other brands due to the rearing method and rearing days of the Duck.

Thus, Quantity for good quality min. 300G Duck Legs is extremely limited and what is available goes to the highest bidder. Alternativelty, 250G-270G Frozen Duck Legs from your local Duck Supplier are a good alternative in Singapore.

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